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Best Used Luxury SUV When It Comes To Maintenance

When luxury SUVs show up on the used car market, buyers can be caught off guard by how low the prices are. Cars that seemed to cost a fortune when they were released can drop to just a few thousand dollars, putting them in the price range of most shoppers. Such low costs don’t reflect the cost of maintaining such a car. Routine maintenance and replacement parts for used luxury SUVs become quickly ballooning costs that many buyers fail to anticipate.

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Take Home the Remarkable 2017 Dodge Durango!

The 2017 Dodge Durango is not a new car; however, this three-row crossover is still keeping things fresh, with its 2014 model onwards getting a revised interior coupled with Chrysler’s high-performance 8.4-inch touchscreen and a smooth eight-speed automatic transmission. It even has an optional V8 engine, an extraordinary towing capacity and a third row that can comfortably fit an adult. This highly functional crossover SUV is available in four trim levels: the GT, SXT, R/T, and Citadel.

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